Why I Am Running

As a resident of Smyrna for the past 17 years, I have watched our city grow from a fledgling working class community to a vibrant fast growing enclave with unlimited potential. Yet, Smyrna is at a crossroads - With the decisions we make in the next few years we can either become just another her sprawling suburb lacking or we can make Smyrna THE place to live, work and raise a family while serving as the gateway to Atlanta. Business interests are already well represented on the city council. I am running to lend a voice to the average citizen.
We need a clear vision that puts families first and offers them a True Voice in defining who we are as a community and what we stand for.


I will bring an enthusiastic fresh voice to tackle the opportunities facing Smyrna. I believe we need a set of values that should LEAD us as we make important decisions that will shape Smyrna's future:

Livability - Before we take any vote or make any decision, we need to ask ourselves "does this make Smyrna a more live-able community?" We need to tackle growth in a strategic manner that first looks at who we want to be in 10, 20 and 30 years. Our strategic plans should not be written and stuck on a shelf but should be used to guide all of our decisions and their impact on traffic, schools, parks, public safety and overall livability. Are we making the right investments in infrastructure and community transportation options as we continue to grow?

Education - For years, we have heard that we are going to improve Smyrna schools and we have seen progress in a number of areas. Yet, many parents are still faced with the agonizing decision...should we move to East Cobb or invest in private schools. That is, of course, if they have to resources to consider these options this should never be the case. Working with our parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders, we can and will make Smyrna schools something for which we can all be proud.

Accountability - as elected officials we need to be held accountable by the people who elected us. We need to keep them informed and provide them with a True Voice. We need to hold ourselves accountable with a set of metrics and report out on them on a regular basis. Did we meet our objectives? Did we keep our promises?

Direction/Vision - As mentioned it all starts with a vision for our city that is driven by a clear definition of who we want to be as a community. This should represent, first and foremost, what is in the best interest of the families and citizens of Smyrna.

Electing Maryline Blackburn to the Smyrna City Council will give Ward 3 an effective Councilwoman who is a woman of her word, who will be a True Voice for her community and the entire City of Smyrna.